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Originally Posted by Rabbit80 View Post
I have static IP and a machine on 24/7 - however my upload speed is only 512kbps... would this be suitable for a tracker?
Tentatively yes, the overhead of running just a tracker is quite low ~10-20kbps per 1000 users, but, you have to factor in the bandwidth requirements of a webserver to run a truly private torrent site.

There are, broadly speaking, two classes of tracker/server with quite different concepts of privacy.

The first is what the big public sites like run, anybody can use the tracker, anybody can download torrents and join the swarm but you must have a valid login to upload torrent files to the webserver. To the novice admin (who didn't read the documentation properly) it appears as if you can run a private site with this tracker type as it's possible to disallow torrent downloading by guest users, the problem is that if a guest can obtain the torrent file from elsewhere then they can join the swarm. BNBT and it's descendants are examples of this type of tracker, all of them are easy to setup and easy to use but not private.

The second class are the TBSource derivatives that pretty much all of the private sites like BitMe, Scenetorrents, Waffles and Torrentleech use. All activities on the site and tracker require you to be logged in and because all the torrents are unique to the user that downloads them an outsider cannot join the swarm without getting their IP banned. The downside for an admin is complexity as you need to be familiar with Apache, MySQL and PHP to even get the site running, without experienced help such a site is almost never successful.
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