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Wow Blade, you really got into a mess!

Those tiny squares - it sounds like NewIcon support has gone missing and you are using the ADVSP version. That means Scalos is probably not working correctly and yes I'd just re-install.

There are many options available to you and they are all described on the main webpage under "Real Amiga Installation":

There are also links on that page which outline the many file transfer options available.

No need for OS3.9 files, all of KG's WHDLoad packs have NewIcons, so you shouldn't be seeing any tiny squares at all unless they are OS3.5+ specific. Mixing files isn't ideal and Scalos (FULL, ADV, ADVSP) doesn't work with OS3.9.

CDROM support isn't installed by default, so you can add that yourself.

If you want OS3.9 support, there is a version available to you if you want to try the beta:
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