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Consider this.....

Games such as Centurion: Defender of Rome, or Kings Quest, Lucasfilm games........ They use AmigaDOS very heavily.

Consider that games such as Another World, Top Gear 2, Alien Breed 3D, only use small portions, hence OSEmu.

To write an OSEmu that would take care of all of the functions of the first listing of games... well, it would have to be the size of the Kickstart 1.3 Rom..... why re-invent the wheel, and introduce more bugs when the implementation of the Kickstart will (hopefully!) remove them?

OSEmu would become big bulky and prone to errors, therefore the KickDOS emulation cannot be considered as a kludge, because it is saving installers a lot of time and ensuring that you get the games you want installed sooner rather than a lot, lot later!

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