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First, I have to give you some clues about how to play this game:
Unlike the text "Use Mouse in Port 2" written on startup, you must use the mouse in both port 2 and port 1.

Step 1:
Use mouse in Port 1 to trigger the menu (screenshot 1).
Step 2:
Change mouse from port 1 to port 2 to be able to MOVE it.

It's silly, but it will only work this way.

Issue 1a: [Screenshot 1]
As you can see, menus are garbled in lowest third, and this is NO DISK FAULT.
If you move the mouse over the text (yes, as you would do it in your internet browser ) the text displays correctly.

Issue 1b:
Mouse is extremely difficult to move, unlike WinFellow, where it works much better.

Issue 2:
There's a strange requirement to use Kickstart 2.0 or higher!
If you use Kick 1.2 or 1.3:
*) the "mirror-image" font isn't displayed AT ALL
*) the image of the ship you've got to destroy isn't displayed, only a blue box appears [Screenshot 2].
NOTE: Screenshot 2 was taken using a Kick 1.3 ROM for booting.

This game is from 1986. By logic, it should work with KS 1.2, shouldn't it?

P.S. A version of the game working on real Amigas is in the zone.
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