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Best C Compiler for Amiga is?

Best C Compiler for Amiga is?

I am delving more and more into C programming because I will be getting the sourcecode to the Video Toaster/Flyer soon. What C Compiler does everyone use? Any recommendations? SAS C? Storm C 4? Dice C? GCC? I have heard that Storm C is based on GCC. I know Lightwave 3D Amiga version was written in Manx Aztec C but I am not sure if the sourcecode to it will be released by Newtek. They will release the source to

Toasterpaint 4.0
Flyer 4.3
Video Toaster 4.3

Also has anyone tried AmiIDE

As far as I know this is the only IDE (Integrated Developer Environment) for the Amiga. It currently only supports SAS C per the website. Any help or info would be most appreciated also if anyone would like to join me to work on the Toaster/Flyer sourcecode you are welcome to. I would like to see it support Cybergraphics, new OS 3.9 features and maybe even PowerPC.
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