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ClassicWB How To ??

Recently my ClassicWB ceased working because i was trying to fix some problems like the entire screen looking completely native and grey with only tiny squares showing for my icons whilst other times i would boot and everything would look fine but my WHDLoad games would crash intermittently on quite a large number of occasions.

The reason why ClassicWB ceased working was because i tried to fix it ( my CD Drive had stopped working after i installed the CDFS Driver for the IDE Buffered Interface device and un-installed the IDE97 driver ) by re-installing the IDE97 driver... in a nutshell, my Workbench install was and is a complete mess!!!!..

So i want to reinstall ClassicWB on my real Amiga ( A1200 030@50 32meg ) and i have already gone through all the WinUAE set up to make a CD Rom to install it, so all that side of it is done, but i have completely forgotten how to reinstall ClassicWB, especially since if the CD is not working, how can i boot from CD Rom to install workbench!??.. and if i can't get into workbench to make a boot disk to boot the CD Rom ( i am presuming this is how it must be done ) then how can i ever get started!?

The only other solution i can see is if i reinstall workbench 3.0 from floppies and then try to make the boot disk, but is that boot disk file stored on the CD Rom, so as i can make the boot disk, or do i need to download the boot disk from somewhere and "then" make it!?.

And then once i do make the boot disk, is it ok to leave Workbench 3.0 on there as ClassicWB goes over the top of it ( would this create the problems that i was initially stuck with that caused the failure previously!? ), and also, if there is a default CD-Rom driver package with ClassicWB, would i then need to un-install and then install CDFS, and by uninstalling would i need to do any manual adjustments to the startup sequence to rid the boot commands for IDEFix97 or delete any files from any directories to clear IDEFix97 that its un-installer wont do on its own ( if of course, this is the driver that ClassicWB uses to drive the CD Rom )!?!?..

As a final note, i have read from the ClassicWB site that a possible reason why i had the tiny grey squares as icons upon boot was because my workbench install was not 3.5 or above and so anything below that would not support glow icons, but if thats the case, how can i install Workbench 3.9 when its on a CD and i have no floppy boot disk for it!?.. Would installing Workbench 3.0 and then throwing ClassicWB over the top of it just result in the same thing all over again because of that lack of support from 3.0 with glow icons!?.

As you can see my post is either A: confusing to you or B: you can see that i myself am very confused i have been thinking about this for a long time!..

Whats the verdict guys?.. i need your help
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