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Originally Posted by exoticaga View Post
Thank you Jason for this win32 bootblock viewer, manipulator.

Anyone one know of a converter for .Net app to another code c++ or any code than .Net. A simple gui to click insert file that pops converted app that needs no .Net to run. Just cannot use the .Net it seems cripples my pcs, with needs for standby resume passwords and the like.
There is no way to convert a .Net exe to tun without the .Net Framework. There is a tool called NGen.exe which will convert the IL exe file to a more native version, but it still needs the .Net Framework. Which OS are you using exoticaga? Even on Windows 2000 .Net 2.0 should run fine. I tested it on quite a few machines (2000, XP and Vista) and never had a problem so far. Maybe you could describe which problem occurs when you try to install .Net 2.0.
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