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AmigaSYS 4 - XBOX version coming soon...

The AmigaSYS 4 XBOX version is coming soon. This version will contain a lot of upgradest, like the AGA version, no wonder, the XBOX version is based on the AGA. Of course in knowledge it will know much more less, it won't contain the hardware supports, boot pictures, boot music and a lot of knowledge, wich is only available on the real AGA machines.

The important upgrades are available here too. With an addon wich make the handling more useable, compatibility to an Amiga system on the XBOX console, checking the limited run opportunities too (AGA + 8 MB Max. Fast RAM).

If you're interested, then you can check the AmigaSYS boot screen made for the XBOX.

Use the Ctrl+Refresh if you think the old site loaded instead of the new.

Release: end of 2008.
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