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WHDLoad 3.1 ROM Errors On Real Amiga A1200

Hi All,

I am using Killer Gorilla's amazing WHDPacks on my A1200 (3.1 KS, 3.1 OS, 030MMU, FPU, 64 RAM).

Only 1.3 kickstart games will work. 3.1 kickstart games will not work due to the error "missing/error kickstart".

I am using the KS images directly from Forever Amiga so I know that these roms are 'good'. I also have the RTB files and the rom.key file included in the DEVS/Kickstarts directory.

I've googled everywhere and most people seem to have problems due to missing RTB/ROM files and/or directory. But I have all the roms (A500, A1200 and A4000 and key.rom), RTBs and the correct directory. Any ideas as to what I am missing?

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