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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
No really, I've read the specifications and like it seems nothing of these new parts have been done yet. What OS are they planning to use?
They're planning on using AmigaOS 3.9 for the '060 and yet-to-be-designed '070. They might even get it to run OS4 for Classics using a Sonnet Crescendo accelerator card from the world of Macs.

Regarding the summer's end deadline, they had to redesign the motherboard to knock $130 USD off of the end-user price. That pushed the deadline back to early November. The good news is that it won't need a new board design for the consumer version later on, and it will be easier to test the not-yet-designed 68070 core by removing the 68060 or PPC-based accelerator from the PCI slot.
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