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Post Kickstart files in WHDLoad games

OK guys, here is how it works!

WHDLoad completely throws away the Amiga's operating system so when a game is running, there is nothing apart from the hardware. Any references to Exec or any libraries are set to invalid addresses so WHDLoad will quit the game at that point.

In the early days, only certain games could be installed. Any like Cinemaware or early EOA games used the O/S heavily and thus would just quit straight away.

A few games used only a small part of the operating system, so Harry invented the OSEmu module for the game Another World. This installed a few basic functions like allocating memory and loading files which meant some games would now be able to work with WHDLoad.

Some games (Fly Harder springs to mind) use only a few functions in the operating system so the HD installer writer can choose to emulate these routines in the slave (which I did) rather than including OSEmu or needing another 256k for the Kickstart 1.3 rom. It depends on how much effort you are prepared to put in to remove the extra memory which is needed. Some games use the O/S all through it and are a nightmare to patch, so in these cases it's easier just to include the Kickstart 1.3 rom and use the patches which make it work.

So basically there is no kludge going on here, some games which are very o/s friendly would be impossible to get working without it and others are just due to laziness on the programmers point of view. Most of those Minuous HD fixes for example do not need Kickstart 1.3 at all but since they work he has hacked a generic slave together with it.
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