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Great Thread... Well, I liked the original Atari 2600 controllers, but they were VERY unreliable, for me anyway.... So, my 2600's and C-64's and C128's , all have Epyx 500XJ 's (Anyone remember the 5-year / 5,000,000 shot warranty ?? Pretty sure Epyx itself folded before the 5 years was up

My 'main' Amiga has a Honey Bee Comp. Pro CD32 pad, made in China, but I do like 'em... For certain games, I still think a joystick offers more control... I remember some of the funky jumps in Turrican to get 1Ups, etc. were a lot easier with a joystick versus a joypad.

I have had a TAC-2, a SlikStick, a Python, but all either broke, or were lost after a move
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