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A4000 with KS3.0, 18MB ram, 1.3GB HD, 52x CD-RW, SCSI card, external Zip drive (currently planning to do some upgrading to this soon. Want to upgrade to: KS3.1, 60GB HD, faster CPU + more ram (possibly PPC), graphics card).
A1200 with KS3.1, Blizzard 1230 MKIV with 50MHz FPU and 32MB fast ram, 40GB 2.5" HD, internal laptop CD drive, buffered IDE interface, PCMCIA network card. Running ClassicWB AdvSP + KGWHD packs.
A600 with KS3.1, 2MB chip and 2MB fast ram, 6GB HD, running classicWB GAAE + KGWHD packs.
Second A1200 with KS3.0, 4MB fast ram, 1.3GB HD (might do a tower conversion on this A1200 at a later date).
A500+ 2MB ram
A500 KS1.3 1MB ram (x2)
A500 KS1.2 1MB ram

Still wanted: CDTV, A4000T, A1000 (just for historic reasons)
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