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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
RISCOS is still a viable embedded OS. It's extremely low overhead and high speed coupled with being written in assembler for a processor that is more or less still used today makes it ideal.

I wonder what condition it is in and how inexplicitly linked to the original Acorn hardware / 26-bit ARM's it is?
I wholly agree - sadly it's funny how so much of the 'good stuff' from the computer business never becomes properly mainstream.

RiscOS is now fully 32bit & is no longer Acorn-chipset dependant so will run on the new 32bit ARM cores.
RiscOS 5 is written to an 'ideal platform' to run on top of a small hardware abstraction layer.
RiscOS 6 is written more 'traditionally' with an eye on modularity for the components that interact direct with hardware.

Both are still under active development...
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