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Originally Posted by Tarzin View Post
Unofficial french patch is available for AmigaSYS4 at:

Look in "traductions"
Fully created and tested on AmigaSYS4 and WinUAE

Please, feel free to ask me for any question/support
Hello Tarzin!

Nice work!

I've read the AmigaImpact forum several times, but never understood what the talk is about, but with this post i've realized.

I'm glad that the french site is so active and has individual projects.

I've installed it, it works fine, there are two ENV-ARCHIVES

But the theme selector, menu, resolution, language, etc. does not know the french language.

I've planned the implementation of the french language into the next versions, because i cannot put more things into this, with LHA extracting (e.g. installers, scripts, etc.) But it needs changing.

If you have the mood and you think you could take the french translations of AmigaSYS versions, i would count on you.

I can only synchronize the current versions (installers won't be translated, only the system scripts, resolution change, etc. in the installed system, and it will be synchronized with the other five language) with the future upgrade files.

But the next AmigaSYS series will know the french language too (installers etc).

If you're interested, please contact me, i'll send you the versions' english format.

Thanks to everyone who took a part in making the french patch.

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