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OK, I'll bite:

3.1 KickStart
2+4MB RAM, with the other 12MB in the mail!
9GB Fast SCSI II drive
External 24x SCSI CD-ROM
Expansion Systems 8MB Zorro II RAM card
A3640 CPU card (not fitted yet)

A2000 (recently acquired locally with 8 boxes of disks , books and mags)
ECS Agnus chip
KickStart 31.175
Fusion Forty accelerator (on its way here now, yay!)
A2620 CPU card with 2MB RAM
A2091 & A2052 with 2MB - I've got to get this thing open and see because the ShowConfig screen lists them on the same line so it's confusing - and a 100MB hard disk
SCSI CD-ROM changer (not fitted yet)
1080 Monitor

Jaws II 68030 CPU card with 8MB RAM
Jaws II SCSI module

Other than that, I've got a slew of systems sitting around, some getting use and some not. I've got an EFIKA, a pair of IBM eServer 335 1U blades, an eServer 345 2U, a dual-core Windows box hooked up to the television, a G4 Mac Mini, and a couple of older PCs that do firewall and backup/print serving, and the obligatory notebook to control it all via VNC. Oh, and I've got a SPARCstation 1 in storage. I think if I ever powered it all on at once there'd be a fire!
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