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Originally Posted by Harrison View Post
The Arch was actually more advanced than the Amiga by quite some way
It was a great machine wasn't it - full 32bit environment on a ROM. I really wanted one back then, even though I had an A500! Didn't have the games or software support of the Amiga however.

I wouldn't say it was more advanced in all areas, but it's certainly a nice computer for its time (and British Yeah!). It had better sound capabilities with eight channels and nice fast CPU, power supply was built in, the ROM OS was nice and fast to boot (better virus protection?), 256 colours as standard, high capacity floppy, efficient resource and memory usage, but its biggest let down was its video hardware - no blitter or special support for effects. Just relied on its powerful RISC CPU to do Amiga ports!

Had the Arch had some dedicated video hardware, like the Sharpe 68000, it would have been a beast!

alexh, yes I agree it must still have uses today.

Time to dig up my old thread:

The Arch was a great machine. None of this messing around with registries and bloatware we have today! As I said above - simple and elegant.

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