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thx steven for that nice list u put down there
I didn't know of the systempatch, I will have a look into that package and see what it does for my needs
So from what I can see the Blizkick is kind of a must really, just need to figure out what I need from that package as well, by trying out different combinations there.
I have found that oxypatcher suits my needs the best too, since it doesn't hack my system too much unless I wan't it too nice (thx again for the pointer hit )
Fblit, I need to look into aswell, but I see blizkick uses the hogwaitblit, is this somewhat the same thing ?
As u can see, I would like to know what i'm feeding my system, coz it might help me a little better to track down those weird crashes that can sometimes occur and I tend to blame the programmers and whdpatchers, while it might aswell be my own lazyness in setting up my system
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