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Because i can.
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ok here we go, (not mentioning other misc amiga bits of hardware that arn't plugged in)

A4000D/030,3.1roms,2/16Mb,40Gb,CDRW,4xIDE,kickflash,motorollin's PSU mod
basic machine, just bought and started building.

main machine. friggin PPC libs / warp3d

backup machine, solid as a rock, use it for donkey work, checking things are ok, fixing disks, downloading patches and stuff...

the linkup machine for serial link games, or just games in general

rescued from going in the trash! then added to/upgraded by me

another rescue. currently religated till i get a fix for the subway/clockport/usbNIC combo conflict

CD32/020,2/0Mb and a stack of games
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