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Cool, I didn't know about HSMathLibs! I'll try those later.

On my Apollo 1260 A1200, I've got the following patches:

- SystemPatch 3.3 (
- OxyPatcher 3.14 Enhanced Version (see MagixFTP link above)
- RemApollo (For Apollo cards only and not 060-specific, but has huge performance increases, particularly screen updates which are nearly twice as fast (according to AIBB WritePixel benchmark and my own perception) The equivalent for Blizzard cards is (of course) Blizkick, but I don't know if the performance increases are comparable).
- FBlit (again, not 060-specific, but it all helps!)
- 060 versions of AK-Datatypes (from Aminet)
- 060 version of xadmaster.library (from Aminet)
- 060 version of IBrowse 2.4.
- 060 version of AmiSSL.
- 060FPU version of mpega.library (from Aminet).

That's all I can remember for now. I'll update the list if I think of any more, but all the important ones are there. Before using SystemPatch, I used to have BlazeWCP installed as well, but it is included in SystemPatch.


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