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Question WHDLoad: Requirement to have a KS 1.3 image to play WHD games


well that change was quite obvious. Until now, I've never read anything in the readme included with WHDload installers that a WHDload-installed game requires a KS 1.3 image from an A500!

IIRC, previous releases of installers (from last year and earlier) didn't have this requirement because it was possible to make the game work on, say, an A4000 with 68040 or 68060 processor because there were people that supported some fixes for these machines. And no, there wasn't any KS 1.3 image necessary, if so, prove me wrong.
I might have too few insight in this (well, I even admit it ), but I think that it might give some WHD "outsiders" an impression of trying to shorten intervals of WHD releases by releasing stuff requiring external ROM images. IOW, if there's an interest to abide the rule of not making use of external images, the release would've taken more time, because it would've required more "in-depth" work.

In any case, just a few thoughts, and most probably, not all of these would actually apply.

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