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060 patches ?

Hi guys, i'm trying make a fairly clean environment on my miggy, meaning I would like myself to know what i have installed in those system drawers even though classicwb is a top notch package so i have started from scratch.
Anyways I got a blizzard 1260-50 card and I was wondering what patches would be the best choice here ? I have offcoz the cyberpatcher, but that one seems to help me little, f.eks when trying to run gift by ptn there is no improvement at all with or without it
I have tried mulibs, it seems to work pretty good, gives a huuge speed improvement, but in return it seems to hack everything as it wishes, is this a good thing ?
I have not been able to try out the oxypatcher, coz I don't own that one.
Allso what exactly does blizzkick do ? Do I need it ?
Blazewcp, I have installed to activate if needed, but do I really need this one too ?
I am a little confused by all these patches, as u can see. How do I set this nice card up to work in the best possible way
I should mention that I mostly use my amiga for demo's and some whdgaming , so the card will mostly be used to fire up those demo's, that I love so dearly
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