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Originally posted by Muzkat
If you are a postmodernist, you would reject that. Postmodernist academics argue that all originality these days has been exhausted- there are no original ideas left. Hence, we must resort to reproduction and pastiche for our art/literature/television/film/computer gaming etc.

I'm not a postmodernist, by the way. I'm just studying it at uni.
There is some credibility to that theory. I have my own views on this, which I formed in writing songs (or more directly, in producing songs.) I believe in the parent system. Every child is new, yet derivative of it's sources (parents). When you cross two (or more) elements, they create something new. Look at Lemmings. It took platform games and puzzle games and put the two in the back seat of an old Ford. Nine months later, out pops a new baby. Purists will say the game is not really anything new, since it resembles its parents. But in reality, it is its own new thing. In much the same way modern rock is the culmination of rap and heavy metal (an punk, really...depending on which band and which song...)

In the Amiga days, games seemed a bit more free to experiment with gene splicing...almost a free love generation. Nowadays, games are created by teams overseen by corporate yuppies who really don't care about lofty ideals, but are more concentrated on the bottom line and the static formula. More than ever, a game is produced based upon its potential shelf visibility and not its creative integrity.

That's my analogy, anyway.
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