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I would really like to install AmigaSYS but the install guide on the webpage seems about as clear as mud to me Plus i have zero time to sort through it all. My CD drive is not working because my IDE Buffer Device didn't do what it was supposed to do when i bought it so transferring a file bigger than 720k from formatting a HD floppy on the PC is about the best i can do right now.

If i wasn't flat out busy doing other crap, i would get down and dirty with my Amiga again. Any of you guys over here in a Australia want to set it up for me?.. i will pay you $50

I feel like setting the Amiga up in the old way like i used too with just installing a basic workbench and installing each program bit by bit and configuring them. It might take me a hell of a lot longer but at least i know it will all work in the end. the last time i did a complete reinstall and reconfig manually though, would have been about 1996 !!!!.. lol..
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