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Originally posted by Akira
ALL ideas are never used up. The human mind can create infinite ideas. The fact that most western publishers dont come up with imaginative, 2D stuff, doesnt mean all ideas have been eaten up. Oh, for new shoot'em ups, look at mars matrix or Ikaruga . I dont see how 3D makes people come up with new ideas, since all I see is just identikit 3D FPS games over and over.
Exactly. Typical PC mentality explanation for so many games being the same genre. If there's no new ideas, how come the old ones aren't more evenly distributed? Simple...the reason "certain genres" get used over and over is because like most media these days, it's all about the money. Everybody is afraid to take a risk and to move towards something that won't make the most riches. All or nothing, I guess. Lame.
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