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Originally posted by DCLXVI

Another point is that it's getting harder and harder to be creative and develope uniqe playbility values to old game genres, as I saw someone replied in another therad here somewhere, he wanted to have a 2D plattform or 2D shoot'em up that was creative and adding uniqe features...the problem is that thoose genres are pretty much used up all ideas for and creating games with new features would be very hard indeed, and then how many would buy it??? I for one would like a Monkey Island III 2D PIXELATED thats the only thing that would make me take up the adventure/puzzel genre again, Simon I, Monkey Island I&II and some of the other classics are the only kind that is really good...
ALL ideas are never used up. The human mind can create infinite ideas. The fact that most western publishers dont come up with imaginative, 2D stuff, doesnt mean all ideas have been eaten up. Oh, for new shoot'em ups, look at mars matrix or Ikaruga . I dont see how 3D makes people come up with new ideas, since all I see is just identikit 3D FPS games over and over.

BTW you should check out the MSX games scene today.. Lots of creative, great new games are being coded in japan and Europe.
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