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Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
What exactly is the difference between the two? A500 was pretty much as good as it was going to get on the 2x, there's no way in hell it could have handled AGA.
on the amiga side... 020+, expansion of memory, HD support = greater compatibilty, faster running/use (the most essential quality for a portable emulator imho) and no need to use of ADFs loaded with stupid cracktros.

on the emulator side UAE4ALL (original code) doesnt feature functions like save-states, which are then a further burden on the developer to add.

you dont need AGA in order for it to be 'beyond' A500. This is where the (once) faster UAE4ALL really suffered on the PSP. It was incompatible and loaded games slower than has been possible with PSPUAE - hardly a promising trait for an emulator you're likely to want to use in short-bursts. Without the extra options, there's no way to fix the incompatibilities either.
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