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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
Didnt really want to reply, but had to.

Think you need to look more into it, there are 3 versions of UAE4ALL. So your comment about UAE4ALL being released and handing UAE2x's arse to it on a plate (as you put it) is wrong.
But that's pretty much what happened - at least to the users that have no real idea what goes on in the PSP scene, or the UAE development history. All of a sudden, this amazing A500 emulator came along which blew the other one out of the water, so to speak.

As I remember it, GnosTiC released UAE2x and UAE4ALL FAMEC was in the process of being released. I also remember people over at the gp2x forums, giving me crap, saying I stole GnosTiC which simply wasnt the case. We were helping each other.

Anyways, we all want the same thing. Fullspeed Amiga Emualtion in your HANDS, .
Absolutely - that's the goal, after all. I'm hoping for AGA emulation at least, but I'm not too bothered about applications - mostly games for me. Being able to run a nice workbench would be a bonus, but one that I mostly reserve for my Desktop machine.

imho, the best thing would be for them all to work on one project, ditch UAE4ALL and go for an optimised e-uae port (like uae2x and pspuae are) and reap the benefits of all the extras e-uae has which uae4all as an a500-only emulator does not.
What exactly is the difference between the two? A500 was pretty much as good as it was going to get on the 2x, there's no way in hell it could have handled AGA.

I'm all for doing things better now that we have the horsepower. Hell, if I can help out, then let me know.

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