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Yeah, the screen, the keyboard, and all the renders instead of photos, and the tons of software yet to be ported killed it for me.
To the confused poster that said that 320x200 is 16:10... I can find no words. It's 5:4 in NTSC, which is why US games have graphics that look squashed on 4:3 PAL.
The Dpads... well, they couldn't do worse than GamePark, and certainly not as bad as Sony. I like my GP2X. There's also The Wiz, which has 3D acc and much faster ARM cpu, which is more attractive to me, if it weren't for one thing, at least it *looks* like they f'ed up the dpad again...
Good screen, awesome buttons and dpads, plenty of horsepower, and a card slot is all any handheld needs to succeed, really. The GP2x at least has 3 of those :P

Speccy fans should go bananas over the Pandora keyboard tho
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