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Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
I remember Gnostic's UAE2x, and the subsequent hilarity on the forums when UAE4ALL was released.

Basically, UAE4ALL handed UAE2x's arse to it on a plate in terms of speed and compatibility - it really was exceptionally fast, running the vast majority of games at full speed on a GP2X clocked at 200mhz, where previously UAE2x could only manage few games when overclocked. Reports are that UAE4ALL has better compatibility, but seeing as very few people are testing UAE2x there's not much hard evidence to go on.

Gnostic is noted as one of the developers of UAE4ALL, along with Notaz and Critical. I don't know if Gnostic will be going back to UAE2x now that UAE4ALL is so much more matured, or if he will have any input with the Pandora port of UAE (whichever source is chosen).

Didnt really want to reply, but had to.

Think you need to look more into it, there are 3 versions of UAE4ALL. So your comment about UAE4ALL being released and handing UAE2x's arse to it on a plate (as you put it) is wrong.

As I remember it, GnosTiC released UAE2x and UAE4ALL FAMEC was in the process of being released. I also remember people over at the gp2x forums, giving me crap, saying I stole GnosTiC which simply wasnt the case. We were helping each other.

When UAE2x was released only the standard 68k core was used in UAE4ALL, then FAMEC was added, then ASM core.

GnosTiC is proberly noted as 1 of the devs, due to him helping E-UAE, UAE4ALL and PSPUAE with blitter optimizations.

Anyways, we all want the same thing. Fullspeed Amiga Emualtion in your HANDS, .
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