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Originally Posted by CHook/OTT View Post
Who is responsible for the Amiga port then that EvilDragon has been showing off? And it would be a bit more convincing if we heard sound too.
GnosTiC released that E-UAE port to GP2X about 1 to 2 years ago. He since dropped it as real life became busy. He proberly released the source, or maybe pandora runs gp2x stuff?

Thats also 1 reason for him not continuing to help with PSPUAE. I have alot of respect for GnosTiC as he stuck around helping with PSPUAE after all the other devs left.

If someone took GnosTiC's port and updated it, it would be basically PSPUAE on Pandora, with HDD support. I remember GnosTiC saying he had it booting HDF files on UAE2x.

EDIT:- Just been checking that emu EvilDragon is showing is UAE4ALL, even the video title says so. GnosTiC's port is called UAE2x.

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