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Re: I hate computer games!!

Originally posted by etheridge
Just thought that I would get your opinions,

Is it just me or are old style computer games sooo much better that new games,
it seems to me that new games are just full of great looking graphics but loose the game play!

When you take an amiga game for example
the graphics it can do are usable, but not so good where you could just flog the game for it's nice looking graphics.

What do you think?


I remember this discussion from the past, now where is that darn thread... here it is:

I agree with you 100% and the poll from the above thread shows it too, its conclusive, new games suck Retro is the only way to Go!

More seriously, the posts in the above thread raise some excellent points, and give reasoning as to why the games may have evolved into what we see today, its a good read.
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