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Originally Posted by cv643d View Post

Decided to try Duke Nukem 3D on my A1200 with Apollo 1260-50MHz/32MB, Workbench 3.1

I found out it was extremely slow, I got less than 1 FPS, probably around 1-4 seconds between screen updates, totally unplayable. That was with BlazeWCP installed and added buffers for faster loading.

I was running it in lowres.

Since I heard 060 users could get 10FPS performance out of DN3D I suspect I have missed something. Anyone know what?
I'm not sure what`s going wrong - but I have DN3D insatlled somewhere and its not blindingly fast, but much faster than that, and quite fun to play. I can have a look at my config and let you know, if you like?

Prolly be tomorrow night now.

I do seem to remember having problems with it at some point, I think I had difficulty getting the graphics card version to perform as well as the AGA version, as daft as that sounds.
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