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The final V1.2 Update is now online:

Originally Posted by Rixa View Post
I did a quick check and it does indeed seem to fix the interlacing error. The config tool also looks better

A slight concern though.. what happens if I run the config using the 3.1 ROM as usual and then WHDLoad something that kicks up a 3.0 ROM and for example a DBLPAL:High Res Laced screen? I'm not sure there actually is anything like that, but it would get the error then wouldn't it?
Yes, then it would get the error. I'm afraid there is no way around it. However, I don't think that there is 1 single WHDLOAD game which uses this kind of config. What classic AMIGA game REQUIRES to work in 640*1024???

I'm assuming that PAL and NTSC laced continue to be fine like they were before.
Even a bit better, I also fixed a small timing issue when using custom timing in PAL/NTSC, and I also corrected a small mistake in the scanline emulation.

Now let's see where those startup problems come from...
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