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Originally posted by DCLXVI
There are a number of ppl ranting about that all new computer games are bad and contains no gamplay value and so on and so forth...I dissagre, just because it's not a new superfrog or a new Civilization I or a new Another World, doesn't really mean the game aren't original or that it don't contain any gameplay or (re)playability worth mentoning.
I don't recall anyone saying all of those reasons you cite. I don't recall anything of the sort, nor anyone claiming Amiga games are better for being on the Amiga and PC games shite for being PC (even if there is an interesting parallel nonetheless). There is a PC mentality that is rampant in PC games and you can argue this all day long, but it's just a fact. Every week someone else comes along with this defense of PC games and it's really getting old. Isn't there message boards devoted to people who want to argue. This is an Amiga board, right? What's so hard about talking Amiga without having to rerun this inane arguement every week?
Look at Half-Life, first came out in -97/-98 and is still the most played on-game, although not in it's original form...
Akira said it all.
I payed about $25 and I can play several games that are of TOP quality for that price just because Valve decided to support the gaming communty and support modification...isn't that some sort of orginality???
Support for a game is now referred to as originality? Oh dear...
When we speak of originality, it's considered a given that we are talking about the game or gameplay itself. I wouldn't call a game original for shipping in a triangle-shaped box, either...
...still most of the relaeses are crap but that have no changed for the worse nor will it change for the better.
Pick up any old Amiga mag (pre-1995) and look at the number of good releases from a variety of gaming genres. Then pick up a current PC gaming mag (hell, any from the last 10 years, really) and tell me there's no difference. Tell me there's the same amount of variety today as there was then. I collect game mags, so I can see it with my own eyes. If you can't, then don't purport to know what you appear to just be speculating.
Can anyone say that ALL games on the Amiga was BETTER that ALL the games an PC, that the WORST Amiga game is better than the BEST PC game? I think not!!!
Sure they can. It's an opinion, just as your opinion doesn't think this. So what's the point? Arguing opinions of this sort is rubbish and as useful as spam.
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