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UAE4ALL on the pandora is just a quick and dirty port of the gp2x UAE4ALL by chui on the dreamcast / critical, notaz and one other guy on the gp2x, notaz is responsible for the pandora port. Notaz has been around the gp2x scene for a while and is also the one who is responsible for the pandora ubuntu + firefox. He also did the gp2x/psp and pocket pc ports of picodrive and added SVP support to picodrive across all formats.

At the time the UAE4ALL youtube vid was made none of the videos had proper sound, there are some vids on youtube now with sound of picodrive with SVP support for example. If the sound works on the gp2x port why wouldnt it work on the pandora?

edit: he is also responsible for improving the cyclone 68000 core written in ARM ASM that is probably the single reason why UAE4ALL blows pspuae out of the water for speed and compatibility. No offence to FOL I'm sure if he had an ASM core for PSPUAE that would be a lot better than UAE4ALL due to the awesome features.

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