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NDOS Multi-boot tool

Hi guys.

I have found a really nice tool on "megaboot-19xx-assassins-.adf"
Its called "Multi boot v1.0 by SPY from SENSOR"
It allows you to boot up to 9 files in NDOS mode (There are some rules bound to it as shown in documentation).

Problem was it does not work with ram expansions so i created my own disk and included TUDE NOFASTMEMORY in it (Found on And that worked like a charm in WinUAE (Should also work on real Amiga's i think).

Before i knew it i created my own disk with those tools. (Credits of the tools goes to original creators of course).

I don't know how to code but i know how to create Workbench disks a bit.

My question is can i release it here?

It worked with 2 separate Red Sector demomaker files, the 2nd demo was append in NDOS mode and they booted nicely after each-other. It does not always work, but i still have to figure that part out (probably a memory limit of some kind). <- here a small test with Multi-boot tool.

The reason i want to release it is because i want to make a user-friendly NDOS-Creator disk for people that don't know how to code.

Also if anyone knows more awesome User-friendly NDOS tools please let me know
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