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Originally posted by DCLXVI

Look at Half-Life, first came out in -97/-98 and is still the most played on-game, although not in it's original form...
Teh old struggle aain... This does not mean it's any good. Same goes with most of today's products. Just because they are popular it doesnt mean they are good. Same goes with music. Just because everybody and its dog listens to Britneay Spears, doesnt mean she's a good artist or whatever.

All fo todays games are not bad, because I consider a lot of the offerings created in Japan to be good (but they, of course, churn out lots of shite too). But I could say almost all the western releases are poop. 2D or 3D. Just look at the euro and US games made for the GBA. you can count the good ones with yoru hand's fingers. I'm really appaled by the quality of most of the 2D GBA games produced this side of the globe.

The thing I hate the most is wired graphics that were reduced in color on thePC. they dont pixel for the GBA exclusiely anymore! They do whatever they want on teh PC, reduce the color depth, and BANG! the ywire it onto the GBA cart. pathetic. Kudos to Titus though, their "kao the Kangaroo" game features a very well pixelled main character, and other nice pixelled graphics around. Most of the stuff has not been "photoshopped" to cope with the GBA's restrictions.
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