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There are a number of ppl ranting about that all new computer games are bad and contains no gamplay value and so on and so forth...I dissagre, just because it's not a new superfrog or a new Civilization I or a new Another World, doesn't really mean the game aren't original or that it don't contain any gameplay or (re)playability worth mentoning.

Look at Half-Life, first came out in -97/-98 and is still the most played on-game, although not in it's original form...

I payed about $25 and I can play several games that are of TOP quality for that price just because Valve decided to support the gaming communty and support modification...isn't that some sort of orginality???

Other games in other genres have also proven to be able to show a certain level of orignality and although the major berakthrough on gamong and gemaing genres was developed in the 80's there is new ideas in games, don't look at all new games at once just look at some of them...still most of the relaeses are crap but that have no changed for the worse nor will it change for the better.

Can anyone say that ALL games on the Amiga was BETTER that ALL the games an PC, that the WORST Amiga game is better than the BEST PC game? I think not!!!

I'll be back
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