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Originally Posted by illy5603 View Post
In some ways mine is working perfectly as well. It is just the config tool doesn't seem to do anything. I can change to NTSC mode, save settings and reboot and go back into the utility and it says PAL under screen mode.
This option is not to change resolution between PAL/NTSC, but to decide which resolution to edit.

I don't know why that would be. Also the screen position buttons do nothing and changing the screen timing shows that it is being changed but both of my monitors report no change in input to them. Yes I selected to use user settings from the "Use Display Timing" menu. So I take it when everyone else changes their screen timing it actually sends a different signal to their monitor?
In order to see the changes, you have to edit the screenmode you are using right now using the "Next Mode" Button, plus set the "Use Display Timing" to "from User Setting".

For example, if your Workbench is running in NTSC mode, set the User Display Property to "NTSC" by clicking on "Next Mode" 1 time, then set "Use Display Timing" to "from User Settings" by clicking on it 1 time, and then all edits you make will be displayed immediately.

Btw, Indivision AGA is developed on a NTSC Rev. 1D1 board...
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