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Originally posted by gary

An Amiga 500 MC68000 at 7.14 mhz with 512k of ram can play SIDs with CPU time to spare. There shouldn't be any problems with other Amigas
I'm taking about the cycle-exact, more faithful SIDPlay, not teh cack PlaySID (which, yes, runs even onan A500). The cycle-exact emulator eats a lot of machinery, however Drake, I dunno about yoru PC, but my Pentium 133 ran the SIDPlay for Windows with the reSIDengine (more CPU intensive) without problems. However, SIDPlay 2 can clog up my P3-866 when I do a lot of other stuff...

How's that, emulating teh soundchip of an 8 bit computer can make an 866 MHz machine bent on its knees!

SIDPlay for Amiga needs an 060 or as PPC, cant remember.
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