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Originally Posted by amigamoonstone View Post
Can anyone tell me.
What is all the noise about amiga os??
Can you run this new Amiga OS from an emulator on a pc?
If so does it have the abilite to go online and brouse the internet?

Just thought it would be great because it seems most virus,spam bots and alike are all targeted at Mac and windows based systems.

wouldnt it be nice to surf the net from an amiga 4000 emulator and if you some how do get a virus it dies when you shut the program down.

god it may revive the whole amiga brand!
especially after seeing windows vista in action.
Hi amigamoonstone & welcome to the EAB - I hope you enjoy it here & stick around.

Now, your questions - I'm guessing you knowledge of the Amiga is not extensive so for now I'll not get into the 'baggage' that goes with the platform - direct answers, but it may well help for you to have a nose round the forum & if you haven't already - have a read of the wiki & other on-line Amiga resources (Google).

AmigaOS - Very broadly you can split it into two types:
-'Classic' AmigaOS for 'old' Amigas - V.v. good & to an extent it will do lots of 'modern type' stuff either on real Commodore hardware or under emulation...
...C= folded in 1994 - despite it's ongoing usefulness we're talking retro-hobby territory here.
-'Modern' AmigaOS which could include OS4, MorphOS, AROS... Again all of these are very good & with (a lot) of work can make a nice day-to-day system based either on hard to find hardware or in the case of AROS boggo x86 stuff - AROS isn't 'finished'...
...we really aren't talking well-supported here if you are looking for a 'jobbing OS'.

I agree with you - it would be great if for example AmigaOS 4 became popular & well-supported enough to become a real alternate to 'doze or the Mac - it ain't gonna happen!

Sad? Oh, yes! I also agree with you that Vista is truly horrible - my main 'jobbing OS' is XP & having tried Vista I'm never going to 'upgrade'...
...If I were you I'd stick with XP for as long as that's supported & give MacOS some serious consideration - the virtualisation software on MacOS is now at a stage where most 'doze apps work pretty seamlessly...
...Linux? Another option, though for me I've never gotton on with it.

AmigaOS - cool, great fun, great community... But please don't look at it as a replacement for your main OS.

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