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Originally Posted by pbareges View Post
no, on failed reboots the logo is not displayed. when logo is displayed on reboot, my saved settings are well applied...
But the display works, right?

Originally Posted by illy5603 View Post
Thanks for this. How about the other settings like scan frequency etc?
The scan frequency is adjusted by changing the H-Total and V-Total values. H-Total defines the length of a raster line (horizontal frequency), V-Total defines the number of raster lines, affecting the refresh rate. The Tool shows you the resulting display frequencies.

if they are also ignored in highgfx modes that would explain everything. I actually have the card working fine except for problems with it not displaying after some reboots as others have reported but I can live with that too.
I'm working on finding the problem. The next update will most probably also include configurable HighGFX mode.
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