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I just don't want Pandora to be falsely represented

Of course there deserves to be big PROPS for the creators of this project...

They deserve accolades for a real achievement this is a finished MKI product well beyond basic beta's....but is it really ready to be produced by the thousand ?

Will the production run & component availlabilty stay within the time scale projected costs ?

Making the test machines is one thing.....but promising nearly 3000....any calculation in there,for board testing & component failures ?

I do not doubt the team have done their predictions....but maybe they would have been better waiting for a MKII production model before promising thousands.

I fully understand this is a cross-platform geek machine not a dedicated anything box.....

Nows the time to wait and see if the end of November 2008 that "3000 statisfied customer orders " can be achieved
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