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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Would be interesting to see how you did it. Like I said the problem for me were the quotes that were added when passing varables to the 'clip' parameter of 'Run_Program'.

That's interesting, but that would mean that also the battery files for the game would be deleted. Anyway I think that using the pre-patched roms is the cleaner solution, even if it uses more harddisk space
I've no idea what I did now, and have no desire to try and figure it out again

As for the battery files, well I know ZSNES defaults to putting them with the roms, but you can define a seperate sram path, i'm sure the same is true with snes9x as well.

edit: but yeh I agree it's better to go with pre-patched roms for a number of reasons
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