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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid
I'm afraid GEMUS is a bit too limited to make the 7-Zip 'on the fly' use possible
One problem is that if you use a variable in the 'Run_Program' function and it contains spaces GEMUS automatically adds quotes around them, which makes it nearly impossible to tell 7-Zip to extract the file. The only workaround is to use paths and filenames without spaces (and 'Program Files' is a good example for a path with a space... )
Also deleting the extracted file after the emulation is not possible, which means that all the extracted files will stay on the harddisk or there have to be a cleanup at the start which removes old entries.
Not that it matters now, but I was messing with 7zip when first working on WHDLoad support and I'm sure I had it unzipping the games without any problems.

Also if you unzip to %gbgamepath%\rezip\
that directory always get deleted when gamebase is exited (or started).
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