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Originally Posted by TheCorfiot View Post
For me the "Reset" issue is a problem which many people have reported but we have had no confirmation to say whether we live with it or it can be fixed.
Have you tried connecting GND of your VGA cable with GND on your Amiga?

Maybe even your views on the "Different LISA" fitting stability that some people have found.
My view is that we (obviously) did not anticipate this problem, which, in future production runs, will probably require more manual hand work on the sockets than we already did.

Of course I have to mention that I am mainly the FPGA logic designer, and I personally can't comment on everything. I'm just here to check out bugs in the FPGA core. This is something I do completely in my free time.

The best way to reach Jens, who designed the board, is to E-Mail him. Check out He said to me that he is also reading this board, so maybe he will post here, too.
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