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Originally Posted by eLowar View Post
What you have there is "The New Adventures of Zak McKracken", a fan sequel (Zak2.exe) made in Adventure Game Studio (AGSflashlight.dll, the rest is linked into Zak2.exe, which is UPX compressed, but if you decompress it and look inside you can also find the evidence), using ripped graphics, apparently from the FM Towns version. You can find it on any AGS site and many other places.
so...the game I have uploaded is zak 2 ?
looks identical to the old one
I'm so vague
just tested first stages are identical but when you go to the 3d stage...says meanwhile....!!!...the history is different
if they made a sequel using idem engine and graphics....maybe a port of zak 1 exists...

I think that official page professedly is
but they have disappeared
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