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Originally Posted by Oliver_A View Post
I have a new alpha update ready, which fixes a few bugs, and now you can also use the other HD720 modes from the HighGFX package. It would be cool if you could test it. I also changed the parameters for the standard HighGFX modes, so I would really like to know if I broke something with it.

The update is here:
None of the HD720 modes work on my monitor which has a default resolution of 1280X768 and probably doesn't support 720 so no big deal. Would be nice to have a mode for my monitor though. The update moved my highfx 1024X768 graphics around on my screen and created pixel clock issues that I can't work out. Well technically it didn't create the pixel clock issues as I had them before but was able to adjust the monitor to fix it. With this update the is no setting for phase or pixel clock that looks good. MOIRE in monitor test looks like the wave surface of the ocean.

The Indivision AGA config tool still doesn't affect anything on my screen no matter what I change the settings to. Even turning scanlines on does nothing.

I also have to leave my Amiga off for about 3 minutes between reboots or I will get no signal to my monitor.

Are these being tested on NTSC systems? I can't even get my indivision board to boot back up in "NTSC" mode. But like I said, no changes stick in the indivision config for me.

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