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I've just knocked this up for ips files

it's very rough and ready though and assumes several things

all patches must reside is a Patches directory in the same directory as the database
all the english patches are in a subdir called English, all french in French etc etc.
all patches have been renamed to match the romname

oh and the games directory has been added as a second extras path

If VersionComment CONTAINS(English)
Set_CFG_Item(%dbpath%\ips.bat||copy||||"%dbpath%\patches\english\%gamefilenoext%.ips" "%gbgamepath%\rezip\")



End If

you then add an extra, call it english ver but point it to the original rom then for the version comment you put english.

this will unzip the game, and unzip the corresponding patch to gamebases temp dir
oh and you must let gamebase unzip the games rather then using the emus native zip support

oh and the batch file will be automatically created.

edit: I don't expect you to use this as like i said it's rather rough, but it shows the sort of thing you can do.
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